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Welcome to the Infusion Pump Reviews And Information (IPR&I) Website. I hope you will find information here that will help you to choose the best infusion pumps available on the market. Here you will find the topics:

  1. Infusion pump reviews
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  3. Refurbished infusion pumps
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  5. Types of infusion pumps
  6. Infusion pump accessories
  7. Infusion pump repair

Infusion pump Reviews

Under this main page, you will find reviews of infusion pumps for different purposes. There will also be comparisons of different brands of infusion pumps to help you choose better.

Infusion pumps sales

Here you will links to the best places to buy infusion pumps for less. Infusion pump sales are very hard to find online but we will search and update this section as often as possible. Please feel free to mention anywhere online that you find infusion pumps sales and we will add it to our Website.

Refurbished infusion pumps

Under this page, you will find the posts telling you where to find affordable refurbished infusion pumps. We understand that not everyone can afford a new infusion pump, so we are searching for all the places online that will allow you to buy refurbished pumps at an affordable price.

Infusion pumps manufacturers

Here you will find information about the infusion pump manufacturers, the good and the bad. Nothing will be held back. This is an essential part in choosing the right pump. Some manufacturers make sub par infusion pumps and should therefore be avoided. We will alert you when we find those manufacturers so that you can steer clear of these infusion pumps. We will also tell you which manufacturers and consistent in providing great infusion pumps to customers.

Types of infusion pumps

This section on our Website will give you information about the different types of infusion pumps available for different purposes. It will also guide you to find the type of infusion pumps that will work for your condition and the different sub-types of the infusion pumps relevant to you.

Infusion Pump Accessories 

Here you will find the cheapest infusion pump accessories for each type of infusion pump. The link will be provided for you to order them online for ease of access. We will also alert you when there are faulty infusion pump accessories going around and help you to choose the most durable ones.

Infusion Pump  Repair

Here you will find the best places to repair infusion pumps. These places are recommended due to their history of providing good services for customers over the years. Different factors such as customer satisfaction will be considered to ensure that you are truly getting the value you deserve for your money.

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I am Crystal Loney and I am the author and owner of IPR&I. I started this Website while i was in MD school and saw the need for information in this area.

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