Infusion Pump Sale

Infusion pump sale page contains new, used and refurbished infusion pumps that are at lower costs than the than market value of new infusion pumps. Get these and other infusion pumps at lower prices online by clicking here. You will be taken to the Websites where you can purchase them online. Infusion pumps are arranged into categories based on brand names and types of infusion pumps.

Listed below are the infusion pumps sales that are actively going on or the cheapest place to buy each infusion pump online. Buy your infusion pump now to get it at discounted prices. Some items are new, others are A+ factory refurbished or used and in good condition.

Baxter Infusion Pumps Sale

Baxter is one of the most trusted infusion pump manufactures on the market. They are known for excellent medical products and providing excellent services in the medical field for over 80 years.

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Baxter Syringe Pumps on sale now

Syringe pumps deliver relatively small volumes of fluids to a patient using a syringe system attached to a tube. Click here to get the Baxter infusion pumps listed below and others at lower prices than market value

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  • Baxter AS40 Auto Syringe Infusion Pump IV Refurbished Yr Warranty
  • Baxter AS50 Auto Syringe Infusion Pump IV Refurbished 1 Yr Warranty
  • Baxter Infus OR & L 02 Propofol Label_Bard Syringe Pump_Infusion IV + Pole Clamp

Patient Controlled Analgesia Pumps Syringe Pumps on Sale

  • Baxter PCA II Syringe IV Infusion Pump Continuous Intermittent Refurbished 1 yr Warranty

Baxter Large Volume Infusion Pumps on sale now

  • Baxter Flo-guard 6201 Infusion pump IV pump with new batteries
  • Baxter Ipump Infusion Pump IV Pain Management System Refurbished 1 Yr Warranty

Baxter Ambulatory Pumps on sale









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