Refurbished IV Infusion Pump

Below you will find a list of refurbished infusion pumps currently available at different stores. These refurbished infusion pumps are organised in categories based on the brand names and the different types of infusion pumps under each brand. You might need a special license in order to purchase some of these refurbished infusion pumps.

 Baxter Refurbished Infusion Pumps

Baxter is one of the leading companies that manufactures infusion pumps. They have been providing quality services in the medical field for over 80 years. Read more about Baxter here

Baxter Refurbished Large Volume Infusion Pumps

Refurbished IV Parenteral Feeding Pumps


Baxter Refurbished  Syringe Pumps


Baxter Refurbished Ambulatory Pumps

Refurbished Chemotherapy Infusion Pumps

Refurbished Elastomeric Infusion Pumps

Refurbished Insulin Infusion Pumps